June 7, 2015 Illinois Convection and Amazing Optics!

Okay so this post is going to more or less be about the amazing optics we had this evening instead of the convection. We had a good convective line move through and produce some bursts of wind (60-70 mph) with tree damage in several areas, your typical June severe thunderstorm. What followed though during the sunset period was nothing typical, one of the best post storm skies I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out below!

Stormy Sunset Sunset Rainbow Mammatus

Both of the above shots were taken at the same time facing different directions. The top shot was facing west towards the actual sunset. Incredibly textured clouds above with mammatus and a sky that looked like someone lit on fire. To the east we had more mammatus developing and then a double rainbow as well. Lightning was occurring in this area and I tried for a shot of it, but no cigar. It was also pouring rain, so my lens kept getting water on it. Oh well, win some, lose most 🙂

I took very little photos before this event here though, so while the convection during the afternoon/evening was strong/severe, it was not photogenic at all, I have a few crappy cell phone pictures that I won’t post.


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