June 3, 2015 Gournsey, Wyoming Supercell!

The day before this, June 2nd, featured a warm front play in Southern North Dakota, however by the time I reached this supercell, it had mostly disintegrated. Thus the day was a bust, and no post was made for it

Okay, now that I got THAT out of the way, the target for June 3rd was North Central Colorado into Southern Wyoming where strong moisture/instability was forecast to back against the mountains. Models were showing CAPE values up to 4000 J/KG for the front range, which is completely unheard of. The day of the event came around and instability values were looking much more tame with values only reaching 2500 J/KG. Storms struggled to stay organized all day long as they moved off the mountains, they would just go up and then die. Almost giving up on the day, a storm fired right around 7pm and persisted through dark. Only got a couple decent shots of it, had some pretty good structure, but no tornadoes.

Wyoming storm

Guernsey, Wyoming Storm

The storm tracked through Gournsey, Wyoming state park and was similar to chasing in Arkansas, mountainous and lots of winding roads. So once dark fell, we gave up the chase.

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